International Flight Crew Association (Luxembourg) a.s.b.l.

One for All, All for one
Our Story

In the melee of the Covid pandemic, the free fall of the world’s aviation and other industries, is forcing us all to think creatively about how best to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

The IFCA is a group of airline and corporate pilots,  banding together across the globe, to find ways to better take care of ourselves, outside the apparent safety net of union membership or social security.

Membership is open now to those who have a:

●  Commercial Pilot License, or a

●  Airline Transport Pilot License

Additionally, you must have been employed for at least two (2) months by an air carrier holding a valid Air Operator’s Certificate.

The benefits we are offering are just a start, please contact us with ideas for additional services and relate to us any positive experience you have had with potential suppliers.

For our members, we provide the list of benefits below. We depend on members to help expand these services and enable us to better help one another. Some are expected to develop and actual benefits (are in bold) available today. 

Helped by Navigator Insurance Brokers Ltd., we are able to offer now a number of general insurance programmes, most particularly an offer we can now make to members for guaranteed medical insurance with no waiting periods.

The plan is called the ‘Flight Crew Global Health’ plan and is available from Foyer Santé SA, (Foyer) based in Luxembourg. This plan is offered on the assumption that over the coming year we will have at least 100 people insured. Achieving this will ensure the programme remains open to new joiners in the second year. 

About the Insurance Plan: To be accepted into this plan, you must be an IFCA member in order to apply for insurance before 1/4/2021, with a start date of 1/1/2021.
A further caveat is that this plan is not available to members and / or their dependents who are US nationals living in the US. For such members we have negotiated a discount scheme… though for these plans you will, be underwritten. 
The period of open enrolment is from 1 January 2021 thru 31 March 2021Members who apply for cover before 31 March 2021 are guaranteed acceptance for themselves and their spouses / life partners (regardless of gender), children, stepchildren and adopted children (children are covered to age 27 in full time education).

Navigator Healthcare‘ is the Health Care division of Navigator Insurance Brokers Ltd (established 1991 in Hong Kong).

Our focus is to help people to find the most appropriate international medical insurance for themselves, loved ones, companies and associations.

We have a sales office in Hong Kong for expatriates as well as in-patriates living in the US.

For US nationals living abroad or in the US,  we co-operate with our US affiliate – Navigator Insurance Brokers Inc. (Wilmington Delaware) to help provide plans designed for US nationals.

In Luxembourg we have a support office, being set up to serve the needs of our affinity group customers.

The start date of cover however, must be 1st of January, 2021.