Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

In co-operation with FoyerNavigator has developed a plan called ‘Flight Crew Global Health‘ , available for members of a limited liability company in Luxembourg, “International Flight Crew Assistance, Société à responsabilité limitée”, (IFCA). This is being done for reasons of speed. The intention, as soon as practicable to transform this into an Association.

Flight crew who can prove their employment as of 30/9/2020 are eligible to join.

This product offers three plans with hospital and Outpatient cover and one, brought to market specially for the IFCA, which is for hospital and immediately related outpatient care. Spouses of any gender and children, whether born to parents or adopted, are all included in this offer. May see the plan details via the Navigator Healthcare site button below. 

Cover is guaranteed for those members subscribing on 1/1/2021, with no exclusions or waiting periods. The same offer applies to members joining within one month of their employment. Foyer has agreed to an open enrolment period during January and February next year, during which time you can apply, with the proviso that cover will start from 1/1/2021.

Foyer has a target of 100 insured persons in the first year and if this plan’s target is not reached for any reason, members joining new in year 2 would be underwritten. Premium rates are frozen for the first 2 years, ie 2021 and 2022.