Insurance Services

Navigator Insurance Brokers Ltd (Navigator) offers a range of general insurance policies with discounts typically ranging from 5-10% possible interest.

Some of the products include: Motor, Medical, Domestic Helper, Home Insurance, plus other coverage!

Navigator is currently the only broker in Hong Kong offering on line motor insurance quotes and in this process they do not ask for your personal information UNLESS you are keen to place your business with them. When applying, use the code “IFCA”. when asked for the name of your current insurer, use “Navigator”, we shall find you an offer!

Navigator offers a very competitive programme for home insurance from AXA General Insurance (HK) .. AXA guarantees to match or better any comparable offer and according to Navigator, is seldom, if ever, beaten. Cover is available immediately you either call Navigator (+852 2530 2530) or complete and submit the appropriate online web form:

The two AXA Home products are called:

  1. The Captains Home Plan.. rating is according to sums Insured.
  2. The New Settlers Home Plan… rating is according to the size of your house or apartment: This plan includes free helper insurance and provides the option of travel cover. IF. your need for cover is in line with AXA’s expectations, it is likely you will be very hard placed to find any better value cover.

Cover is free for the balance of the current month and all of the next month.

Premiums are payable monthly. If you enter the promo code of ‘IFCA’ there will be an automatic 10% reduction in the already. very competitive premiums.

Your needs may not match what is available here from AXA. There are other plans that may more exactly match your requirements.. so do get in touch with the team at Navigator.

Apply now for instant cover – via Navigator site.

Via External website – for Home Insurance

Whether it is the compulsory “Employee’s Compensation” or the additional accident and medical insurance you are looking for, Navigator offers a range of plans from different providers.. all with a 10% discount.


Bear in mind that the medical cover that comes with a plan costing around USD 100 pa, is not very substantial.

Via External website – for Helper Insurance

IF your needs are for some reason not met by the IFCA Global Health programme from Foyer, speak to Navigator about alternatives. Generally, they will help find you at least a 5% discount on the chosen individual plan.

Via External website – for Medical Insurance

Navigator can also help with a range of personal term life, critical Illness and disability insurances ( apart from Loss of License at the moment) and as well a range of business, liability and director’s insurances. Give Navigator a call!

Via External website – for Other Insurance